1. The Meritorious Student Scholarship Competition 2016-17

Our organization conducts the competitive examination event every year with the institutional manner to develop the intellectual among the poor students and provide them scholarship to make their future bright.

2. Shiksha Aangan

The organization is also conducting the regular classes for the needed students those parents would not be able to complete their home work or not able to guide them properly during academic session.

3. Free Coaching Competitive Examination

The organization is being conduct the free coaching programme to the students those could not pay the highest fee of the private institutions to getting the better competitive exams knowledge

4. Yoga, Meditation and Fitness Program

our organization spreads awareness how the yoga and meditation are useful for a developing mind. We conduct this type of program by organizing Yoga and Meditation camp.

5. Awareness Program

The organization conducts the awareness program at different places in rural and urban areas to aware the people about their education rights, legal and constitutional rights